Monday, 12 February 2018

Latest Engagement Pakistani Dress Design 2018

Well the engagement is known as the most ‘fun’ event of all the wedding festivities. The event includes joy, laughter, songs, dance and beautiful colorful outfits everywhere. The bride tries to dress up in the most colorful and traditional way for her engagement event. Yellow, green, orange and pink are the main colors of a engagement dress. As for 2018, the trend and style of the latest bridal dresses for engagement has changed in a good way; although the colors are still the same, playing their role in the most beautiful way.

Don’t take any more stress on what you are going to wear on your engagement function. From this post, you will be bombarded with many ideas on the latest Pakistani bridal dresses for engagement.

As said, the engagement event is all about pretty colors and long lehengas and maxis. If you want to be different and want to carry a beautiful colorful maxi, here is what you can make for your engagement. This dress is by Nomi Ansari and is a big stunning floral full hand work embroidered maxi.

Traditional Engagement Outfits 2018

If you are not so much into bright colors but still want to make your engagement outfit colorful and gorgeous, here is the best idea for you. This latest bridal dress for engagement is based on dark like the shirt is an open style dull orange color with beautiful embroidery. It is paired up with a green colored embroidered lehenga and a dark brown colored dupatta. This whole dark engagement dress will look really pretty and unique on the bride.

Love yellow? Here is a full yellow decent Pakistani bridal dress for engagement. This yellow engagement dress is an embroidered shirt paired with banarsi garara and embroidered motives. Complete your traditional bridal engagement look by wearing a simple yellow dupatta with gota pati borders.
Pinks, green and orange makes the perfect and stylish engagement dresses. This colorful and gorgeous engagement dress is a mix of these three bright colors. You can make an orange embroidered choli with silk bright pink lehenge and a heavy green dupatta to go along.

Here is another amazing idea for the latest Pakistani bridal engagement dress.  It is an orange embellished peplum with an off white floral embroidered lehenga.

Go traditional with a plain dark green silk shirt along with a heavy embroidered green and pink lehenga and a bright yellow dupatta. This engagement look is perfect for the brides of 2018.

Here is another beautiful inspiration for you if you want a floral lehenga or a dark green engagement dress. This is an embellished choli with heavily floral embroidered lehenga and a heavy hand work dupatta.
If you are looking for something colorful but light, here is a beautiful idea for you for your engagement event. It is a mustard colored banarsi light embroidered choli with a heavy hand work embroidered light green lehenga.

Go bright and beautiful by choosing all the bright colors like this engagement dress inspiration. It is a bright pink embroidered peplum paired with simple banarsi light green lehenga and a plain net dupatta.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Eight Best Haircuts for Men with Thinning Hair

Hair may thin because of age or because of some genetic issues. Do not feel depressed to see your hair disappearing from your head with time but go positive by choosing a good hairstyle that is, especially, designed for thinning hair. The fast changing fashion world has many options for you in the form of different hairstyles and cuts. Check out the following and choose for you one that you like. But, there is one thing very important in choosing a style for thinning hair. Ensure that you understand your thinning pattern and choose a style that makes your hair look even and better without making your thinning spot obvious.

Buzz Men Haircut 

This cut is the best one for thinning hair as it is short and you barely leave hair on your head. This cut is low maintenance too and with little effort you can keep your scalp well-cared. 

Close To Crew Cut 

You can call this haircut high and tight also because the sides are cut short and the top is left a little longer but not side parted.  The back is also short but you need to use a blow dryer for creating some volume in your hair thinning at the top. 

The Short Crop

This haircut goes finger length all way round your head. To create a good look of your hair, keep them messy but use natural wax for texture. This will add some gloss to your hair but will not let them clump. 

Messy and Fuller Top

This street-smart hairstyle is good for guys who have longer hair, though they’re thin. By keeping them messy, you hide the thinning factor. To style this type of haircut, blow-dry your hair and apply some moss to create a thick appearance. Moss also helps in keeping the messy style controlled to a certain movement of hair. 

Hipster Comb-Over 

This cut focuses on pushing back the top and if the hair is thinning at the top, it covers the offending area. The sides are comparatively shorter but are pushed back.

Side Parted 

This is the simplest of them all, yet the classiest. This hairstyle is maintained by leaving the hair on top large enough to be combed at either side. The sides and back are short and tidy. 

Short And Messy 

When you want to leave your hair short and style them messy, cut them very short at the sides and leave top a bit longer to mess it with your fingers. Alternately, you can cut the sides a little short and the top longer than the sides. Messing the hair with a systematic move of fingers must be accompanied by some hair product so that the messy style stays intact for long. 

Crew Men Haircut 

For thinning hair crew cut is considered a nice choice. This men haircut 2017 is classy and clean while it does not let your thinning hair to depress you. Low maintenance and easy to style, crew cut is the preferred option of many guys.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

10 Best Unique Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men’s hairstyles need to be unique in order to give them a completely new personality every time they get a new haircut. But which of the haircuts have the capability to do exactly that? Well, if you don’t have an idea, here are some of the best unique hairstyles for men that you should consider in 2017. We come with 10 Best Unique Hairstyles for Men 2017.

Unique Boys Hairstyle

This is a side-swept and long top haircut which can give the best and unique to men of all ethnicity and ages. The hair on the top should be kept long and are made to fall on head’s one side while other side is clipped closer to your skin. To add some extra volume, you can use the product you like. 

Shaved Art

What people usually misunderstand about men’s hairstyles and haircuts is that they believe that can’t make things look modern. But that’s not the case. You can go for shaved art in your haircut an include patterns of shaved and thick sections. The finely sculpted hair on the face will finish off the gorgeous look. 

Cropped & Curly Hairstyle

Those with curly hair must be careful when getting haircuts. Curls are often restricted by many men’s haircuts leading them to grow oddly. Rather, you should embrace the coils by going for a cut which accentuates them rather than stifling the hair texture that you have got. 

Front Focus

Are you conscious about the forehead and want something for accentuating your eyes as well? No matter what you want, front focused hairstyle keeps it professional and fun all at same time. Shave off your head from sides and back or cut your top tresses closely and style them brushed forward. Such men’s haircuts can be styled easily. 

Creative Hairstyles For Men

Graduated thicknesses are used by this haircut as it starts with heaviest hair on the top that are followed by shorter hair in middle section while the bottom has a close cut.  

Really Short Sides

The use of varying lengths can add texture and dimension to your hair. This men’s hairstyle looks great on guys who have straight and thick hair. Facial hair can be added for scruffing up your overall look. 

Modern Punk

Inspired by the hairstyles of 90s, the modern punk haircut comes with spikes on the top while the sides are shaved completely. Any gel with strong hold can be used for keeping height throughout the day. 

Asian Hairstyle

Many people desire Asian hair particularly because of its soft, thick texture which responds wonderfully to the styles and cuts. To have a great look, the hair on top should be kept up and should be set up using some product. 

Side Designs

If you want to look unique in a crowd, opt for endless side designs for your hairstyle. There are many attractive designs which could be carved into the sides for achieving desired look for a unique personality that feels adorable. 

Sharp Angles

Rather than going for square or rounded nape, this hairstyle gives you a triangle. Unusual angled cuts can add interest and dimension to men’s hairstyles.

Monday, 24 October 2016

6 Unique Yet Stylish Hairstyles for Men

Every man wants to look stylish and elegant no matter what the occasion they’re attending may be. In order to achieve 6 Unique Yet Stylish Hairstyles for Men, your hairstyle plays a really important role. How you have groomed your hair can play a vital role in deciding your overall personality.

Furthermore, hairstyles need to be unique as well. So, why not look at some unique, yet stylish, hairstyles for men. The 6 Unique Yet Stylish Hairstyles for Men are as under:-

Curled-Over Pompadour Hairstyle

As far as men’s hairstyles are concerned, pompadour is one dominating trend at the moment and there is good reason for that as well. Of course, nothing can make you look more handsome than this hairstyle. You can simply smooth it back, make it fall towards one side, or just wear the style high. The curled-over version is really one stylish choice.

Short & Spiky Hairstyle

Good Boy hairstyles, basically, tend to be clean and simple. There is nothing fancy and crazy about it. All you need is just smooth, short fade and cute spikes. Unique and stylish hairstyles for men are all about youthful appeal and that’s what you get with this hairstyle. For styling purposes, you should apply light holding gel right after you take a shower and then run the fingers through the hair to get the best look.

Thick Wavy Hair With A Designed Part

It’s a cool hairstyle which is really great for showcasing thick and textured hair. Keeping volume on the top is really trendy and those who have thick hair never find any problem with the volume. When you add smooth fade and designed part of media cartoon art and convert to this hairstyle, it gets even modern vibe.

Smooth Slicked Back Hairstyle 

Symmetry is always a must when it comes to classic hairstyles for men. Even without side part, the high fade seems absolutely symmetrical. While styling your hair, longer hair should be slicked backwards with pompadour lift to get more traditional and masculine look. To take it a step further, you can add perfectly groomed beard and mustache.

Classically Charming Haircut For Men

It’s a cute hairstyle that comes in top haircuts for men. There are textured waves that have lots of volume which helps them in creating a romantic, charming look which may not be easily achieved with those spiky cuts. Depending on the wardrobe that you have chosen, the haircut can be skewed hip or preppy. For making it look effortless, you can make use of some lightweight pomade after your hair get dry.

Short Sides, Long Top & Beard

When someone talks about the hairstyles for men in trendy places such as Brooklyn, they’re most
probably referring to this particular look. This haircut gives you a soft balance between retro and modern and as a result you get a style which shows that you really care for your upkeep and appearance. It also suggests how updated you are about the latest fashion trends.

So, with these unique styles you can stand out from the crowd and can also look stylish at the same time. In our best hair style tips check the best 4 Men Haircuts with details.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Best Men’s Hairstyles for a Groomed Look

Personality isn’t just about what you wear and how you carry it, in fact, it has a lot more to do with one’s hairstyle and how it is being managed. If you have had problems with choosing the right kind of hairstyles for you then take a look at these best men’s hairstyles to get a more groomed look overall. 

Check these Best Men’s Hairstyles for a Groomed Look:-

Slicked Back Haircuts

This is a classic hairstyle which is comfortable, simple, and still very dashing. You can easily achieve this look by pulling your hair backwards using a brush. Use some good hair product for styling them in that position. A good tip that you should consider here is that make sure your hair are cut shorter on sides and let them increase in length gradually towards top. 

Blown Back Suave

This classically romantic hairstyle can easily be taken care of. Go for medium length hair and style them with blown back upper section. It will allow you to add some height to the frame while your lady will have something through which she can run the fingers. Only some light product will be needed for keeping the hair intact. Also keep it in mind that thicker hair can be managed easily when you go for this hairstyle. 

Dyed Hairstyles

Though it’s not a hair cut for men in itself but it is a growing trend. Men didn’t use to dye hair few years back but these days it’s quite normal. There are a couple of reasons for which men dye the hair; it is either done for concealing gray hair strands or just for making a statement.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Top 4 Men's Haircuts and Hairstyles for 2017

Men’s short haircuts and the new styles for 2017 are out. The latest, trendy hairstyles are a big concern for the guys who want to be the trendsetters. Great for every hair type, these styles are top notch. They are distinguished by their low-maintenance feature as you do not need to worry much about the care and setting of your hair. The sun of fashion and style never sets on short haircuts for men. It is always trendy to have short hair and they bestow an aura of masculinity and classiness on guys.

For those men who do not want to take much care of their hair and don’t style them frequently, short haircut is a superb choice. Here are 4 top hairstyles and haircuts that are trending for 2017.

Undercut With Short Hair

In this style, back and sides are very short but on the top a bit of length is given to the hair; together, the combination looks so good. You can texture the top with good hair care products like gel, cream, etc. The strands of hair freely falling all around the head add to the messy trace that helps guys maintain a bed-head and carefree look.

That is why this style is in mainstream. So, feel free to style your hair the new way anytime and anywhere you like.