Wednesday, 26 October 2016

10 Best Unique Hairstyles for Men 2017

Men’s hairstyles need to be unique in order to give them a completely new personality every time they get a new haircut. But which of the haircuts have the capability to do exactly that? Well, if you don’t have an idea, here are some of the best unique hairstyles for men that you should consider in 2017. We come with 10 Best Unique Hairstyles for Men 2017.

Unique Boys Hairstyle

This is a side-swept and long top haircut which can give the best and unique to men of all ethnicity and ages. The hair on the top should be kept long and are made to fall on head’s one side while other side is clipped closer to your skin. To add some extra volume, you can use the product you like. 

Shaved Art

What people usually misunderstand about men’s hairstyles and haircuts is that they believe that can’t make things look modern. But that’s not the case. You can go for shaved art in your haircut an include patterns of shaved and thick sections. The finely sculpted hair on the face will finish off the gorgeous look. 

Cropped & Curly Hairstyle

Those with curly hair must be careful when getting haircuts. Curls are often restricted by many men’s haircuts leading them to grow oddly. Rather, you should embrace the coils by going for a cut which accentuates them rather than stifling the hair texture that you have got. 

Front Focus

Are you conscious about the forehead and want something for accentuating your eyes as well? No matter what you want, front focused hairstyle keeps it professional and fun all at same time. Shave off your head from sides and back or cut your top tresses closely and style them brushed forward. Such men’s haircuts can be styled easily. 

Creative Hairstyles For Men

Graduated thicknesses are used by this haircut as it starts with heaviest hair on the top that are followed by shorter hair in middle section while the bottom has a close cut.  

Really Short Sides

The use of varying lengths can add texture and dimension to your hair. This men’s hairstyle looks great on guys who have straight and thick hair. Facial hair can be added for scruffing up your overall look. 

Modern Punk

Inspired by the hairstyles of 90s, the modern punk haircut comes with spikes on the top while the sides are shaved completely. Any gel with strong hold can be used for keeping height throughout the day. 

Asian Hairstyle

Many people desire Asian hair particularly because of its soft, thick texture which responds wonderfully to the styles and cuts. To have a great look, the hair on top should be kept up and should be set up using some product. 

Side Designs

If you want to look unique in a crowd, opt for endless side designs for your hairstyle. There are many attractive designs which could be carved into the sides for achieving desired look for a unique personality that feels adorable. 

Sharp Angles

Rather than going for square or rounded nape, this hairstyle gives you a triangle. Unusual angled cuts can add interest and dimension to men’s hairstyles.

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