Monday, 17 October 2016

Best Men’s Hairstyles for a Groomed Look

Personality isn’t just about what you wear and how you carry it, in fact, it has a lot more to do with one’s hairstyle and how it is being managed. If you have had problems with choosing the right kind of hairstyles for you then take a look at these best men’s hairstyles to get a more groomed look overall. 

Check these Best Men’s Hairstyles for a Groomed Look:-

Slicked Back Haircuts

This is a classic hairstyle which is comfortable, simple, and still very dashing. You can easily achieve this look by pulling your hair backwards using a brush. Use some good hair product for styling them in that position. A good tip that you should consider here is that make sure your hair are cut shorter on sides and let them increase in length gradually towards top. 

Blown Back Suave

This classically romantic hairstyle can easily be taken care of. Go for medium length hair and style them with blown back upper section. It will allow you to add some height to the frame while your lady will have something through which she can run the fingers. Only some light product will be needed for keeping the hair intact. Also keep it in mind that thicker hair can be managed easily when you go for this hairstyle. 

Dyed Hairstyles

Though it’s not a hair cut for men in itself but it is a growing trend. Men didn’t use to dye hair few years back but these days it’s quite normal. There are a couple of reasons for which men dye the hair; it is either done for concealing gray hair strands or just for making a statement.

Textured Pompadour

To have a modern and retro look all at once, deconstructed pompadour is the best option for you. Old fashioned silhouette is featured in this style but it reveals novelty when it comes to texture. Modern-day hair products such as light-weight pomades and dry shampoos let you to have more of natural texture while maintaining excellent hold. 

Choppy Undercut In Gray

When it comes to men’s hairstyles, it’s not just about haircut. Color is important as well. So, why not opt for some new color? You can go creative by combining some unique color shade for your hair with the natural shade of your beard. Gray is a good choice as it’s getting trendy. 

V-Cut Neck-Line with a Mid-Fade

V-shaped hair line at the neck is going to be a super hit of 2017. In this haircut, the V-shape goes up to the neckline with a mid-fade. Hassle-free, super and trendy!

Wavy Sweep Backs

Slicked back hairstyles are making back to top trends in 2017. Replace the gelled look with a matte finish and go with a more natural style. This time, set aside the high hold products and do not fall for the super sleekness and extra shine. With the highly natural wavy sweep backs, you can rock on special events as well as on casual moments of your life.

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