Thursday, 19 January 2017

Eight Best Haircuts for Men with Thinning Hair

Hair may thin because of age or because of some genetic issues. Do not feel depressed to see your hair disappearing from your head with time but go positive by choosing a good hairstyle that is, especially, designed for thinning hair. The fast changing fashion world has many options for you in the form of different hairstyles and cuts. Check out the following and choose for you one that you like. But, there is one thing very important in choosing a style for thinning hair. Ensure that you understand your thinning pattern and choose a style that makes your hair look even and better without making your thinning spot obvious.

Buzz Men Haircut 

This cut is the best one for thinning hair as it is short and you barely leave hair on your head. This cut is low maintenance too and with little effort you can keep your scalp well-cared. 

Close To Crew Cut 

You can call this haircut high and tight also because the sides are cut short and the top is left a little longer but not side parted.  The back is also short but you need to use a blow dryer for creating some volume in your hair thinning at the top. 

The Short Crop

This haircut goes finger length all way round your head. To create a good look of your hair, keep them messy but use natural wax for texture. This will add some gloss to your hair but will not let them clump. 

Messy and Fuller Top

This street-smart hairstyle is good for guys who have longer hair, though they’re thin. By keeping them messy, you hide the thinning factor. To style this type of haircut, blow-dry your hair and apply some moss to create a thick appearance. Moss also helps in keeping the messy style controlled to a certain movement of hair. 

Hipster Comb-Over 

This cut focuses on pushing back the top and if the hair is thinning at the top, it covers the offending area. The sides are comparatively shorter but are pushed back.

Side Parted 

This is the simplest of them all, yet the classiest. This hairstyle is maintained by leaving the hair on top large enough to be combed at either side. The sides and back are short and tidy. 

Short And Messy 

When you want to leave your hair short and style them messy, cut them very short at the sides and leave top a bit longer to mess it with your fingers. Alternately, you can cut the sides a little short and the top longer than the sides. Messing the hair with a systematic move of fingers must be accompanied by some hair product so that the messy style stays intact for long. 

Crew Men Haircut 

For thinning hair crew cut is considered a nice choice. This men haircut 2017 is classy and clean while it does not let your thinning hair to depress you. Low maintenance and easy to style, crew cut is the preferred option of many guys.

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